STOP marketing to past behaviors

START predicting what will perform

Blab delivers marketing insights up to 72 hours in advance.

Predictive Campaigns

Planning / Execution / Optimization

Blab’s predictive technology effectively and affordably turns insights into action.

First, Blab’s social econometric modeling unveils campaign drivers that motivate purchase behavior.

Then, Blab analyzes millions of real-time conversations to produce "activated" consumer segments, enabling companies to enter into active conversations and access engaged customers.

The result is increased ROI through laser-focused programmatic campaigns, engaging earned media programs, and optimized owned media.

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WhoWe Are

Blab puts Brands into the Conversation.

We're a team of Marketing and Technology veterans that came together to help Brands engage in a consumer-driven world.

Blab is used by leading-edge marketing groups in some of the largest Agencies, Brands and Media Holding Companies around the world including, Mindshare (N. America / EMEA), Horizon Media (N. America), Vision7-Cossette (Canada), Southern Cross Austereo (Australia), Edelman/Zeno (APAC), Blue Focus (China)

WhatWe Do

Do you need a better targeting solution that drives engagement and ROAS?

Do you want to predict tomorrow's stories today?

Do you know what drives your consumer purchase behavior?

Strategic Planning

Instead of relying on qualitative research groups and whiteboard sessions, Blab builds social econometric models for campaigns to determine what campaign drivers will deliver, giving marketers a data driven system to steer campaigns.

Campaign Execution

Instead of relying on the past behaviors of cookies that are often stale, we target your brand's “activated” audience based on our prediction of what they will read, watch and search for. We create conversation-based segments, which can be targeted programmatically across display, video, mobile, and social.

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Outcomes Driven Strategy

Social Econometric Models
give agencies, brands and publishers unparalleled insights into:

  • - Campaign Message Effectiveness
  • - Brand Reputation
  • - Custom Outcome Models like "Increased Unit Sales", etc.


Consumer-centric insights based on machine-curated data sets

Blab's methodology doesn't require an operator to search, limited by their personal biases.

Instead, Blab reveals the statistically significant conversations that matter most, continuously updating each topic in real-time.


Future Focused Performance

Blab predicts conversation volume for each half hour, up to 72 hours into the future, across publications, blogs and social channels.

Having an understanding of the context of conversations and when and where they will spread, enables pro-active planning, execution and optimization of campaigns across Paid, Earned and Owned Media.


Mid-Funnel Targeting

Conversation-based targeting
gives agencies, brands and publishers:

  • - Higher Engagement Rates
  • - Lower Effective CPE
  • - Lower CPM/CPA/CPC Costs

Daily Conversations







Predictive Campaigns?

Click to watch a quick clip from our CEO, Randy Browning, to learn more.


Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions, if you don't see your question in the list below, please contact Support.

We don't have a DeLorean or flux capacitors, but yes, we can. Blab make predictions with 86% accuracy up to 72 hours in advance, regardless of conversation volume..

Blab improves the performance of mid-funnel advertising. For example, video campaigns using our conversation-based targeting show an average of around 80% more video completions.

We deliver broad (millions) to narrow (tens of thousands) of users per segment, with 30% higher conversions than traditional DMP optimized segments and a lower overall CPE.

To make data access as frictionless as possible, Blab Conversation-based targeting is available through the following integration options:

  • Custom Segments via:
    • Peer 39
    • Grapeshot
  • DSP Access via:
    • The Trade Desk
    • AppNexus
  • Paid Social via:
    • Twitter Keyword Targeting
    • Facebook Interest Keyword Targeting
  • If you don't see your DSP, DMP or SSP listed here, please contact Blab Sales

Blab ingests data from 50,000 sources including:

We’re language agnostic, delivering conversations in all languages and formats, including the occasional Klingon rant, teenage emoji thread and 地下婴儿 video.

Blab can deliver a crisis model within a couple of days, and our campaign models are priced similar to leading qualitative groups – without the need for travel!

Our best customers use Blab data to inform their brand strategy, and then guide their campaign strategies via quarterly check-ins.

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101 Yesler Way Suite 205, Seattle, Washington 98104 USA

phone: +1 206.486.BLAB (2522)